Why Buy Dracast Lights?

Dracast LED Lights have the highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) in the industry. The higher the CRI, the better the quality your pictures will be. Dracast High CRI LED Lights guarantee consistent color temperature and industry-leading brightness. Dracast LED Lights are built with patent-pending energy and heat distribution technologies for increased lifespan. Every Dracast High CRI LED light is designed and manufactured in house to make sure you are getting only the best quality light.


Thousands of professional and semi-pro videographers and photographers use Dracast High CRI LED Lights in their productions. Dracast lights have been used for various interview and location shooting, as well as in major sitcom productions and newsroom studios.

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  • Being a Cinematographer for 10 years, I always am interested in discovering new lights that I can use on sets. I first heard of Dracast when I saw their booth at Cinegear in 2012 in Los Angeles. I fell in love with their BC5 portable LED light. I was impressed that the light was very bright for being such a small light. I bought one, and was very impressed at the affordable price tag.

    Later that year, I began working at a rental house for 6 months, I became a vendor, where we featured the BiColor LED 1000 and LED 2000, thanks to me convincing my boss at the time. Since then I had incorporated the lights in various shoots that I worked on such as music videos and celebrity interviews for FUSE.

    What I like about these lights are the intensity, affordability, and the brightness. I like that they are brighter than the competitors that I've tried, and they cost much less. I would highly recommend using Dracast to anyone on any budget.

    Aimee Galicia Torres RED Epic D.P
  • While working on the Red Bull Stratos project, I went looking for a portable lighting solution that was AC/DC powered, lightweight and had plenty of output power, yet still finely adjustable. I tested a few major brands and ended up choosing the Dracast 1x1 LED 1000 light. It's design, simplicity and overall output power was unmatched by any other brand and it worked like a champ in the field.


    After using the Dracast 1x1 LED 1000 for a couple years now, I'm still really impressed on how the light has held up and it still provides that much needed punch when necessary that’s still unmatched (to my knowledge) by any other brand in class. I look forward to using the new Bi-Color lights on my next project.

    Lonnie Peralta Director/Producer/Cinematograph
  • Thanks you for letting me try out the LED-160 spot.  This has been a great on camera spot.  We have used it on many shoots for both Commercial production and ENG and have been very happy with the results.  It is easy to use, light weight, and the battery lasts long enough to do almost any production.  I look forward to adding your lighting products into my new studio designs.
    Michael Streby Chief Engineer / I.T. Director - FOX 55 - WFXS TV